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optical effects of color
part 1

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• Chevreul and Albers

• Other Major Colorists

• Impressionists/Pointillists


• Chevreul and Albers

from Color Space and Its Divisions: Color Order fr… (Hardcover) by Rolf G. Kuehni

LINK color space and its divisions: chevreul's 72 hue circle (google books)


from Josef & Anni Albers Foundation

LINK josef & anni albers and the foundation


from gogemometry

LINK josef albers, homage to the square and the golden rectangle.


from coloraday february days 2010

LINK talking heads as figure/ground


from Wikipedia

LINK Michel Eugene Chevreul



• Other Major Color Theorists


from color vision & art

LINK goethe's color theory

from color systems

LINK j.w. von goethe


from sensational color

LINK how color theory came about: the theorists at-a-glance
sir isaac newton


from The Muser / Physics and Physiology of Color

LINK James Clerk Maxwell

LINK Thomas Young

LINK Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz



from wondering mood

LINK colour wheel & colour systems timeline
colour wheels and colour systems by
• aron sigfrid forsius, finnish astronomer
• isaac newton, english physicist, mathematician, astronomer
• tobias mayer, german astronomer and mathematician
• moses harris, english entomologist and engraver
• michel eugène chevreul, chemist and director of carpet manufacturer, gobelin.
• johann wolfgang von goethe, german poet, dramatist, novelist, and scientist
• phillip otto runge, german painter
• johannes itten, swiss painter, textile designer, teacher, writer
• ogden nicholas rood, american physicist
• RGB model


from Wikipedia

LINK aristotle: de colouribus

LINK leon battista alberti

LNK sir isaac newton

LINK leonard da vinci

LINK johann wolfgang von goethe

LINK goethe's theory of colours (book)

LINK ogden rod

LINK johannes itten

LINK albert henry munsell

LINK william oswald


• Impressionists/Pointillists


from color vision & art

LINK Impressionism: The Innovations and Influenc


from wikipedia

LINK ogden rod

LINK Albert Henry Munsell

LINK William Oswald

LINK divisionism