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physiology of color



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• rods and cones

• camouflage in nature

• synesthesia: cross sensations



• rods and cones


from biologymad

LINK nervous system / eyenotes: the eye


from webvision

LINK photoreceptors


from ORACLE ThnkQuest
Education Foundation

LINK colour vision

the colour experience

from colour experience

LINK investigating color vision



from webexhibits / causes of color

LINK why are things colored?


from wikipedia

LINK photoreceptor cells

LINK cone cells

LINK rod cells



• camouflage in nature


from Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA

LINK adaptive coloration / camouflage laboratory of Roger Hanlong




from mongabay.com / tropical rainforest

LINK the arts of deception: mimcry and camouflage




from New York Times

LINK revealed: secrets of the camouflage masters - by carl zimmer


from The Conservation Report

LINK can you see me? / amimal camouflage: leaf mimics by buck

from wikipedia

LINK camouflage



• synesthesia: cross sensations

from coloraday november days 2009

LINK stephen vitiello's four color sound


from sensational color

LINK colorful phrases and their meaning and origins of color words

LINK quotes about color



from imaging.org / Society for Imaging Science and Technology

LINK color naming and its effct of language on perception
by Terry Regier; University of Chicago; Chicago, IL, USA


from wikipedia

LINK synesthesia