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psychological effcts of color

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• Marketing



from color matters business marketing trend topics

LINK why color matters

LINK who owns hues

LINK quirks of the color quest


from coloraday noverber days 2008

LINK mystery of the kettle korn packaging color change


from SDTechGirl

LINK Obama 5280 Magazine Covery by Shepard Fairey


from pantone

LINK color think tank / color psychology

LINK lets talk color

LINK color trends


from Sensational COLOR

LINK how to wear color: trends for men & women, career colors

LINK products & packaging

LINK brand, trademark, signature


from colorady february days 2010

LINK wildflowers cataloged by color


from Wikipedia

LINK color marketing group

LINK the color association of the united states

LINK the international color authority

LINK color psychology

LINK chromotherapy

LINK linguistic relativity and the color naming debate

LINK basic color terms: their universlity and evolution



• Color Forecasting

from CGM color Marketing Group

LINK about color marketing group

the colour experience

from colour experience / matching colours

LINK fashion trends

LINK fashion and colour

LINK william morris

LINK colour in cosmetics

LINK fashion through the ages

LINK colour and the motor car

LINK luscher colour test: personality test


from Global Color Research / Mix Publications

LINK color trends

LINK colour, tTrend and design magazine

LINK E:mix a monthly digital newsletter

LINK colour & brand solutions / forecast consultancy & design services



from Pantone / Fashion + Home

LINK the must-have color trends for fall 2011

LINK fashion color report fall 2010

LINK home furnishings color trends for 2009

LINK 40 years of color


from the color association of america

LINK forecasts: interiors, women's, men's, youth




from The Muser / Physics and Physiology of Color




from fashion trendsetter

LINK color trends



from Wikipedia