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pills & beads – matching colors

image on left
holding pills in a plastic bag up again a blue sky.

each night when i set out my tiny pills (for very ordinary conditions – but nonetheless, one is taken every night), I'm delighted to see the random but sweet color harmonies . . . why not match up the pill colors with the colors of beads?

okay, i could readily follow up on my desire as there is a recently opened bead shop just a few blocks from my home.
blue door bead shop
4167 Piedmont Ave
Oakland CA 94611
note: blue door beads is a very fitting name to be part of coloraday blog and has their own blog. [link]

image on left
holding beads in a plastic bag up again a blue sky


image on left
pills clockwise from L to R

levothyroxin .088 mg
= a pastille blue-green

Trader Joe vitamin D*
= translucent gold (replaced by the Nature Made D3)

simvastitine 20 mg
= a salmon tint

Walgreens ibuprofen 200 mg = full saturated red-orange

Walgreens aspirin 325 mg = chalk white

center: Nature Made D3 1000iu = chalk white

all the pills, except for the vitamin D and ibuprofen, are opaque with matte finishes. The vitamin D3 is the only translucent pill and, the ibuprofen is opaque but has a gloss finish. to really get the full quality of each color, matching the finish was just as important as matching the colors.

image on left
assorted beads from blue door bead store


image on left
display trays of blue door bead shop